2015 Lent Appeal

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The St Mark’s Lent appeal for 2015 raised money for GADRA, a charity in the small South African town of Grahamstown. GADRA has been assisting the acutely poor and marginalised community of Grahamstown for over 50 years, through combating poverty, unemployment and inequality. GADRA provides both short term solutions, assisting those in need and providing them with opportunities (particularly the disabled), and long term solutions, ensuring food security and breaking the cycle of poverty through education.

The GADRA Education office has just completed the allocations of two GADRA Matric School (GMS) scholarship learners to St Marks:
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Nolubabalo MamkeliShe matriculated from Molly Blackburn Senior Secondary School in Uitenhage in 2011 with a Diploma-level pass and 33 Rhodes University Admission (RUA) points. She is re-doing English First Additional language and Maths Literacy and is changing from Geography to Religion Studies at GMS. 

Masibulele Matshikiza: He matriculated from Rabula Senior Secondary School in Keiskammahoek (former Ciskei) in 2012 with a Bachelor-level pass and 28 RUA points. He is re-doing English, Business Studies and Life Sciences and changing from Maths to Maths Literacy at GMS.

Essentially, both are seeking to upgrade their results to the extent that they can access Bachelor study at a credible university in 2016. To do this they need to reach approximately 36 points. To achieve this Nolubabalo needs a strong all-round performance, whereas Masibulele must achieve as high as possible specifically in Maths Literacy in order to edge towards the threshold. We will have a reliable sense of how the two beneficiaries are faring once the June results are released.

We look forward to sharing this information with you in July, as well as feedback on the St Marks contribution to the community work that GADRA do. Your support is giving these precious two young people a real chance to go to university in 2016!

UPDATE – September 2015

“The GADRA Matric School sends warm greetings and an update about two of St Marks’ scholarship beneficiaries, Nolubabalo and Masibulele. To date, the GADRA Matric School has enjoyed the best year in its illustrious history. Specifically, the school produced over 100 Bachelor passes in the June examinations for the very first time (the students are currently writing their Trial Examinations). Masibulele is doing well in all four of his subjects, whilst Nolubabalo is doing well in two of her three subjects. Furthermore, Masibulele has already been accepted to study at Rhodes in 2016! This is a very far cry from where he started the year, and your generous donation is busy changing these two young people’s lives.”

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