Christingle Service 7th February 2016

Published February 9, 2016 by admin in News

On Sunday afternoon a box of oranges stood at the back of St Mark’s, ready to be turned into Christingles. As each person came for the service they were each given an orange, so that they were ready to create their very own Christingle.

We thought about the orange symbolising the world by playing a game with a blow up globe, trying to name as many countries as we could. People were then sent off to put some red tape around their oranges as we thought about all that Jesus has done for us. Next it was the turn of a ‘guess the fruit’ game before the challenge was laid down as to how much of the ‘fruits of creation’ each person could get on a cocktail stick. Finally, with our Christingles nearly finished we used glow sticks to place in the top of the orange to remind us of the light of Christ.

We had a great time together exploring the meaning of our Christingles through games and music, and the orchestra and children and young people’s choir did us proud.


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