Here I Stand

Next year, churches throughout the world will mark the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s actions which can be seen as a beginning of the Protestant Reformation. One of his famous statements, ‘Here I stand – I can do no other’, will be particularly remembered as it is a reminder of the way in which he set out and lived by his most basic convictions, often at personal cost.

St Mark’s is marking this important anniversary a year early! Starting on the 22nd May and for the following 3 Sundays, the sermons will be on the theme ‘Here I stand’, and Jeni (22 May), Andrew (29 May), John (5 June) and Jane (12 June) will aim to set out the convictions that are the basis of their faith. They hope that, as well as being a good thing for themselves, it will also inspire us all at St Mark’s to reflect on our convictions – what is most important to us in our Christian faith, what makes us tick as believers, what in the end is our faith really about?

Recordings of these sermons are available on this page to listen again.

Series Introduction – 22nd May 2016

Jeni’s Story – 22nd May 2016

Andrew’s Story – 29th May 2016

John’s Story – 5th June 2016

Jane’s Story – 12th June 2016