Lent Appeal – 2016

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Rapid Response Fund for refugees arriving on Greek Islands

Last September, the sight of the body of a small refugee child washed up on a beach sent shock waves round the world and there were urgent appeals for help. Among those who responded was the Anglican mission agency Us (formerly the United Society for the Propagation of the Gospel) which used its Rapid Response Fund to send money to Christian organisations on Greek islands. Working together, these Anglican, Greek Orthodox and Salvation Army groups provide food, drink and shelter for those who arrive after an often perilous journey. The groups also give comfort to those who have lost loved ones, including children, when boats have capsized.
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Sadly this tragic crisis continues. Refugees from Syria, Afghanistan and other countries still attempt the crossing from Turkey to Greece and their needs are as urgent as ever. It is a complex situation involving people-smugglers, local populations and tourists who have mixed reactions to these ‘visitors’, and governments who want to move the problem on to their neighbours. Local churches there are offering much-needed help and hope in a desperate situation.

More details can be found in a moving address given by Father Malcolm Bradshaw of the Anglican Diocese in Europe to the Church of England General Synod –


If you are able to help, please put cash or a cheque (payable to St Mark’s Parish Church) in the Lent Appeal gift envelope – gift aided if possible. Place this in the offertory bag, or give it to the Vicar, a churchwarden or John Richardson between now and Easter. If you would like to know more, have a word with John in church or on 01462 435595 or 07505 426876

Many thanks for your generosity.

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